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Thingyan Water Festival (Myanmar Happy New Year)

       日本に四月はまた春ですけと、ミャンマーには三季だけあります。その四月にミャンマーある Thingyan水祭りは一番有名祭りです。
       Thingyan Is the Burmese New Year Water Festival and Usually Falls Around mid-April (the Burmese month of Tagu).
       Formerly the dates of the Thingyan Festival Were Calculated ACCORDING to the Burmese calendar but They Are Now fixed to Gregorian calendar 13 to 16 April. It Often Coincides with Easter
       The dates of the Festival Are Observed as the most important public holiday Throughout Burma and Are Part of the summer holidays at the end of the School year.
       Just like Japan Golden Week, Myanmar Water Festival ALSO Close as National Holidays.
       The Festival only last for 5 days, but Government add 5 days as Extra Holidays.
       Water-throwing or dousing one Another from any shape or form of Vessel or device That Delivers Water IS the Distinguishing feature of this Festival and May BE Done on the first four days of the Festival.
       There Are Names of Those Festival days. First Day ‘a-kyo nei’, Second Day ‘A- Kya nei ‘, Third Day’ a-Kya nei ‘and last and Final’ a-tat nei ‘.
       Not only Myanmar People ALSO Tourist Are Enjoy about Thingyan. Please come and enjoy!


Festival Last Day!

Festival Last Day!



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