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Plex Media Server For Home?


         I just got interest in Plex Media Server(For Family-Use.) and how can i use it. At Home, usually urge with my Family to watch which movie on TV, and music, show, something like all the time. Sometime, just want to collect Family Photos in one Location but want to look at every house device(like on smart-phone, tablet, Desktop, laptop, Digital Photo Album, etc). So I try to figure it out to get a family Server but not too professionally(my dad can’t use digital things a lot so, must easy-to-do! ) and i found one software, “Plex”!!

Plex Media Server!!

         “The Plex model is simple: you park all your media on a single computer with the Plex server software installed, and then you install Plex on on all your other devices. You can install it on Windows, Linux, or Mac computers as well as Android and iOS, video game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, your Apple TV, and there are even smart TVs that come with Plex built right in. Then, from any of those devices, you can remotely access your entire media library and watch it with no hassle.”          By Jason Fitzpatrick

         It is also free to use.(You Need to Pay for Premium and Extra Feature, although..)
Most interesting things was it can use with “Nvidia Shield TV” Which Cost only $199(may different on Time.) which can use most of feature with that price!!(Even with the Old Desktop pc or SBC like “rasberry pi” can cost more than that, so).
I think i can try out the Plex Media Server with My Family in Near-future, i hope.
Ref:How to Set Up Plex (and Watch Your Movies on Any Device)

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